We’re not here to look pretty

DFIT APPAREL - Future innovation technology by Diana

We are here to live, to dive, to search for and lose ourselves into the moments truly worth living.

Sexy is not about how you look; it’s about how you feel. It’s a state of mind – that becomes a fate. It’s walking our path, with no need for the approval of others.

We’re not here to look like someone else. To have someone else’s hair, breasts, legs, eyes, style. We are here to be who we are. Not what others would like us to be. To accomplish the full potential of all our virtues and all our imperfections.

That’s what sexy is. That’s beauty. Beauty is nature, made to endure, made to be alive. Not just a picture on the wall. Not just another filtered instant on a cellphone.

That’s DFIT. You win or you lose, but you do it your way.

We’re not here just passing by


We don’t make bikinis for people to look at them; we make bikinis for people to look at you.

Designed in Miami and produced in Portugal, every single bikini we produce is handmade. Unique pieces, made out of the hands of talented, long-experienced seamstresses, that shape every bit of fabric into real, sexy, comfortable, high-quality swimwear.

Design, attention to detail and quality fabrics are nonnegotiable principles we follow from the very first draft to the final stitch – and the essential foundations to ensure a premium product.

DFIT works exclusively with recycled materials and through environmental-friendly processes. Even if it makes the production longer, even if it makes it more expensive – there’s no other way. We stand for an economy sustained in high-quality, lifetime products, that respect and protect the world and the oceans we love to dive in and discover.

We’re not here to please



As a company, we only do what we love, only work with people we love, put only love in everything we do. No wonder it’s love we wish you to feel the first time you try a DFIT piece.

No matter what they tell you, don’t confuse life for the cover of a magazine. No matter how the world sometimes tries to make you feel, don’t mix life with a million-dollar, carefully scheduled, produced and repeated to exhaustion advertisement campaign. Life is here and now, with this pain and these laughs, these bubbles and scars, this messy gorgeous hair, these flavors, this breeze, this thrill.

There is no such thing as a too thin or too fat or too short, too tall, too blond or too brunette woman. Because there’s no such thing as too you. There will never be. We stand for all the confident girls that take pride in their imperfections. We represent all the incredibly sexy girls and women that courageously confront their fears and dive into life with love and confidence.

A DFIT piece is the embodiment of a happy, sexy and confident woman. Wearing our bikinis or swimsuits is how we embrace the women we are.

We’re not here to settle for anything else


After winning the Supermodel of the World at 14, Diana Pereira went to live in New York City to pursue a modeling career for worldwide brands. An entrepreneur since she could ever remember, she quickly found out that being one of the world’s top models was not enough for someone with such tremendous ambition. Becoming a competitive pilot, television personality, and author were part of the journey leading her to her most personal project: DFIT.

As creative director, Diana draws her inspiration from her roots, remembering back to when she used to watch her grandmother develop Parque Mayer (Lisbon’s very own “Broadway”) costumes. Drawing timeless and unique pieces is in her nature and an extension of her views on women in the challenging times we live.


Contact us directly on: info@dfitapparel.com